Clip On Extensions Straight 22" 1B
                                                                                     COLOR 1B-OFF BLACK 100g (3.5oz) 
Clip On  Extensions are perfect for a special event or occasion or even durable enough for every day use. You can use them for creating a fuller look with glamorous curls, or a longer elegant look sleek and straight. The very simple and discreet ez-in mechanism allows for quick and installation and removal. All ez-in Clip Ons are made with 100% Indian Remy Hair which is Virgin hair that has been processed only for color. All of the cuticles are aligned so that this hair will not tangle if cared for properly . Whether a Princess on the go, or one who is transitioning from a more permanent type of extensions; ez-in Clip On Extensions will definitely suit your glamour girl needs.

Clip On Extensions Straight 22" 1B

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